Learn to Cycle Intro Class (Children)

Kids CyclingBeginner5 to 12 years old
5 (100 avis)


We will be demonstrating to children the correct techniques of balancing and the steps required to achieve sufficient balance in order to start pedalling. Get ready to enjoy and learn the basic of cycling in a fun and safe way. Hope to see you there at Decathlon - Singapore Lab !

Dates to come

What to bring

  • Bicycle
  • Helmet
  • Elbow and Knee Pads
  • Water Bottle
  • Small Towels
  • Sporty Attire

Meeting location

230 Stadium Blvd

397799 Singapore


Please come 10 mins before lesson to prepare yourself.

About the organiser


5 (100 avis)

At Happy Cycle, learning should be made fun. We set challenges & goals for little champions to achieve. What comes after? A big smile on their faces and a sense of achievement.

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